A Day of Filming

So I’m a part of a small film crew for this movie this one chick is making for a class, and we’re all gonna get credit for it. It’s for our midterm, and since I did the paper last semester, I though I would change it up a bit. Today we shot the bulk of it, and it turned out that I was needed as an actor instead of just camera guy. So I did my thing to the best of my limited ability, but what pissed me off was how dumb this bitch was. 

Seriously, it’s like she’s never seen a movie before. No consistency, no symmetry, no believability. I swear, she just held a camera up to everyone’s face and said,” deliver the lines, we’ll just edit it.” And I’m like, no stupid it doesn’t work like that. We’ll sit down to edit it and she’ll realize that it’s beyond saving because we didn’t get the right shots and all that. I’m pretty sure we forgot some too…

So, it’s gonna look like crap, and I’m sorta really self conscious about being seen in film because I don’t like being seen period. Now my ugly mug is going to be in a crappy movie projected onto a screen in front of maybe 150 people. Thankfully no one really knows who I am, so I should be fine, but still. The pressure’s on now, mate.

Goddamn, I’m not looking forward to our grade. It’s definitely gonna be a C, maybe a B if she sleeps with the professor. But, that’s what I get for not having my own idea for a film and going with someone else’s. Mine’d be the best goddamn movie ever. 

PS: I REALLY hope I’m not friends with her on here or on facebook, so she won’t get mad that I’m talking about out shitty movie. 

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Posted on Sunday, 25 September
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